Sunday, July 10, 2011

Baby?! Not yet.

So this last month Justin & I tried to make a baby. It was kind of a spur of the moment decision. The birth month of our child has to be somewhat planned because I am a photographer. I can't be 8 months pregnant & photographing a wedding. I can't risk missing a wedding that I am contractually obligated to be at because I am pushing a baby out of my vajayjay. SO- with all that said, we discuss what months are best to start trying based on the delivery date. Ideally I would be giving birth to our child between the months of October-March. We discovered that if we made a baby this month the due date of the child would be in March which we assumed would be an awesome time for me to be pregnant & have a baby. So we tried. No luck though. I wasn't as disappointed as I thought I would be when I read "not pregnant" on the test. The universe will give me a baby when I am ready. Right now is not the time.

Since I have decided to take this as a sign, we are going to wait until the end of the year to start trying again. Until then I'd like to kick this weight loss into super high gear & get rid of the extra 50 pounds I have been wanting to get rid of for 3 years now. I'd say 6 months is a safe amount of time to lose 50 pounds. I can manage 10 pounds a month! There are a few reasons for this. Let me list them off to you.

#1- I have decided 100% that I would like to have a completely natural birth experience. My family makes fun of me that I would give birth to my child in the backyard if I could. My friends already think that I am going to be annoying when pregnant, loving every uncomfortable second of it. I am not one bit afraid of giving birth. In fact, I whole heartedly regret not going to school to become a midwife. Since it is important for me to have a natural birth, I think that losing the last 50 pounds is going to make that more of a possibility.

#2- OK, number 2 is really vain but I want to be a cute pregnant lady. I can't help it. I love fashion. I love maternity fashion. I want to still look in style when pregnant & being 50 pounds less would make that easier as well.

So, I will start tomorrow. After I finish this beer. :-)