Thursday, April 29, 2010

Jogging & Goals

I've decided the only thing that will keep me on track is setting a goal. My goal is 50 pounds by October. We've decided to take a little vacation then. It will be the end of wedding season & pre-holiday season... my favorite month & perfect for a mini vacay. We'll probably end up in San Francisco again because I LOVE that city & want to move there... so until that becomes a reality (if ever) I will just visit once a year. If we do end up going there, it will be twice in 2010.

50 pounds is my ultimate goal. I will be 150 pounds then. Perfect weight to me.

I know I can do it. That's about 10 pounds a month. If I stick to my calories & up the exercise it will be a piece of cake. Easier said then done of course.

I've kinda been into jogging lately. I still have a mini fear of public humilation when it comes to jogging though. I really don't want anyone looking at me. I REALLY enjoy it though. Load my iPod shuffle w/ some fun songs & jog away. I'm so antsy & it really helps to clear my mind. Lets hope I stick to it!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Something Positive.

Today I went to the "lady doctor". I haven't been since well before I was married because I didn't have health insurance. It was so nice to have the doctor have a really positive response to seeing my weight written down on paper next to my old weight. She was proud of me. I even had nurses congratulate me & ask me how I did it. It makes it all worth while knowing that not only do I look better... the more important thing is that I am a lot healthier now. It also made me realize that I need to do it... to lose these last 50 pounds. It's been SO HARD!

I totally went to my friend's house and ate a chorizo taco. The only difference is that new Maggie got a Styrofoam container of 2 chorizo tacos, beans and rice and only ate one taco & not all the beans and rice.... old Maggie would of polished that puppy off. It was still gross of me to eat it at all. It sure was delicious!

Okay, I need to stop being gross.

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Things I love

The "My Plate" application. It allows me to keep track of calories as well as my workouts. I also like that it will keep track of your weight as well as your measurements. It's really fantastic & has helped me get back into the swing of things.

The Jackie Warner, Power Circuit Training DVD.

This video is almost an hour long & I feel like it works every single muscle in my body. I was sore for 3 days after I tried it for the first time. I pair it w/ Biggest Loser Cardio Max or a Jillian Michaels video for some cardio. I just LOVE it.

Such a GREAT podcast. I listen to it while I'm photo editing. It's hosted by 2 women. One woman lost a large amount of weight & the other is a body builder. They talk about various health related topics from what foods to eat or how to start running... I think it's really inspiring.

I am a REALLY big coffee drinker & I like sweet coffee. One thing I refuse to give up is half & half. So, I buy the fat free half & half. It still makes my coffee really creamy. The Splenda coffee flavors are soooo good. I've had mocha, hazelnut, caramel & vanilla... the mocha is by far my favorite.

This Recipe for Gingery quinoa salad w/ apples, peas & coconut. It is quite possibly the most delicious thing I have ever made. When I made it before, Justin and I ate it as dinner but I think I'm going to try making it with some baked fish. Quinoa is incredibly filling!