Sunday, January 24, 2010


I weighed 193 pounds this morning & that folks, is a record low. :-)

Monday, January 18, 2010


Lost 10 pounds since weigh in, but ate some Pad Thai today.

I'm going to try and workout every single day this week. We'll see what happens.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Down 8 pounds from my first post New Years weigh in on the 3rd. That's really good considering it is my womanly time of the month. I usually gain weight around then.

It's also been really easy getting back into the swing of things. I think the fact that I feel better, helps me continue doing it. I love the fact that I don't wake up with heart burn, or that my skin is amazing. I like putting on a shirt in the morning & not feeling bloated. I like the fact that I can almost wear a size 14 regular pair of jeans. I love that I can't buy a new pair because 16's are too big. That's pretty good considering the largest pair of pants I have ever owned is a woman's 28 plus. It's those tiny things that keep me on track. I'm getting a bio picture taken of me in February while in California, for my website. I have a $100 gift certificate from Anthropologie that I'm going to spend on an outfit for that. I'd like to drop another 10 pounds, at least... 20 would be nice, for my trip. I'll keep working on it.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Getting Easier.

About 5 days back in, and I'm a lot more used to this. I worked at the studio today. An absence of food usually makes it easier to eat less of it. Robin keeps a large jar of almonds in the cabinet that I often like to snack on when I get hungry. Today I ignored it. I did have some hot chocolate though. At least I picked the one with the least amount of weight watchers points- 3 points for the whole packet. I felt like it was worth the splurge.

Today's Grub.

50 Percent less fat cheddar sandwhich, I was in a hurry.

lunch was a small, very small, portion of shepherd's pie (boca, veggies & butternut squash)

I had two cups of coffee... one in the morning, the second was in the afternoon. This is where the hot cocoa came into play. I poured a whole packet in a cup of coffee. I felt like I was going to gnaw my fingers off if I didn't.

Dinner was 2 eggs, easy over covered in hot sauce... one piece of vegetarian chorizo & a make shift grilled cheese sandwich made with fat free bread and fat free cheddar. I made the grilled cheese w/ spray butter- the can't believe it's not butter stuff. Just a few spritz' to make sure the bread didn't stick. A dinner packed full of protein without actually eating meat.

Afterwards I ate Kashi GoLean w/ a little agave nectar & Better Than Butter, Peanut Butter (BEST STUFF EVER!- hardly any calories and I am ADDICTED to peanut butter). I usually try to eat yogurt as a late night snack, but I'm a little sick of it.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Good Weekend!

So, I've lost 5 of the pounds I gained over Christmas already. That's a good start. Good weekend, good day. I exercised this morning & could tell that it had been a while. I really want to join the gym, I just can't decide if I really should right now or if I should wait a little.

Food for the day...

Activia yogurt, Kashi GoLean & mango

Salad & fat free cottage cheese, serving of animal crackeres

1 serving of the sweet potato chili we made yesterday, w/ fat free sour cream

I REALLY wanted dessert so I had some more yogurt & mangoes.

Not bad for the day. I'm trying to stop eating right after dinner & no late night snacks.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Back to Normal.

So, today was a good day. I cleaned half of the apartment to my liking & will finish the rest tomorrow. When I mean clean, I mean- dust the spices & reorganize the closets... as well as the normal cleaning. I feel like in order to start off 2010 in the right direction, I needed to do this.

I ate well today, but I did notice being terribly hungry at times. 5 o'clock rolled around & I thought to myself "FOOD NOW!". It also helps that I'm reading "Half Assed", a weight loss memoir.

Today I ate...

Strawberry Activia yogurt w/ half a serving of the Kashi GoLean Crunch! cereal
a salad for lunch w/ a slice of less fat cheddar in it & a serving of fat free cottage cheese

For dinner we made the Squashtastic Shepherd's Pie from the Hungry Girl cookbook (LOVE IT!). It consists of Boca meat, a bunch of veggies & a layer of pureed butternut squash on top (although I mix in some pureed sweet potatoes too). Before that we had a giant bowl of salad w/ very green lettuce (the more it looks like actual leaves, the more I like it), tomatoes, peppers, cranberries, raisins, walnuts & clementines. It was good, but even after dinner, I probably could have piled in a lot more food. I just had to tell myself "only one portion, no seconds, remember this is how you lost weight the first time".

Then w/ a cup of coffee I ate one serving of animal crackers (13 crackers to be exact).

Today was good... and I'm just going to take it one day at a time.