Monday, November 30, 2009

Not Bad.

Bad weekend, but back on track today.

pb&j sandwich for breakfast w/ hunger filler bread, the "better than pb" peanut butter & sugar free jelly

black bean burger for lunch w/ a clementine

coffee w/ splenda

rockin' tuna casserole made with tofu "noodles" for dinner from Hungry Girl
No Pudge brownies w/ pumpkin puree in them

I'm not even weighing myself until the weekend.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

This year I think I ate the least amount of food I've ever eaten on Thanksgiving. I didn't even really plan to. I kind of wanted to give myself a free day, but once you've lost a significant amount of weight & do not eat as much food as you used to, your stomach kind of tells you when to stop. I ate my normal weight watchers bagel w/ weight watchers cream cheese for breakfast & I even got in some cardio this morning. I filled my plate once & didn't even manage to finish the 1 plate... I think Justin even ate less than I did. When it came down to dessert I must of put 3 slices of deliciousness on my plate & ended up only having a few bites of each of them. I do not feel overly full right now, I feel very content. I didn't eat dinner, just thanksgiving lunch. I know I ate WAY more than my points allowed, but it is thanksgiving & if you don't allow yourself a little here and there, you will end up caving on something far worse. I'm proud of myself for exercising this morning, I'm sure that will help my metabolism to break down all the calories I scarfed down & I am also proud that I didn't bring any leftovers home. Trust me, I would of loved to eat a giant plate of stuffing for breakfast.

Tomorrow I am back on track.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Back down to 196 again today which makes me feel a lot better. I did cardio for 45 minutes today. I am going to try and stick to cardio, lose fat & then worry about toning after I get down to my goal weight. I did pretty good today- I didn't count points but I'm pretty sure I stuck to around what I get.

- Weight Watchers Bagel & Weight Watcher Cream Cheese
- Coffee w/ splenda
- About 1 cup of the Rockin' "Chicken" Pot Pie recipe from Hungry Girl
- Sugar Free Pudding cup mixed with 1/2 of a cup of Fat Free Pumpkin Pie Yogurt (I love the sour of yogurt mixed with chocolate)
- VitaRain Water (from Costco, sugar free)
- Clementine
- 1 Pt. String Cheese stick from Weight Watchers
- Subway for dinner
- rest of the puddin' pumpkin pie yogurt mixture from earlier and finishing the VitaRain Water

So, not so bad... plus the 45 minutes of cardio, pretty good day.

Monday, November 23, 2009


Hit it... why am I not losing weight? Is my body just comfortable here? I've worked out almost every day for 2 weeks. I've been eating really good. Yesterday I slipped and ate some pierogi's, but seriously that's not bad, especially with all this working out.

Oh well, just keep going... I keep telling myself, just keep going.

Today's intake:

- 1 Weight Watchers bagel w/ Weight Watchers cream cheese.
- Coffee w/ splenda coffee sweetener & fat free half & half.
- sugar snap peas and hummus
- 1 sugar free pudding cup

For dinner I'm making the Hungry Girl Cookbook Kickin' Chicken Pot Pie... although I am using fake chicken, instead of real chicken.

- Boca fake chicken strips
- 3 cups frozen veggies (peas, corn, carrots & green beans in my instance)
- 1 can cream of mushroom soup, 99 percent fat free
- low fat philsbury cresent rolls.

I've heard this recipe is very yummy... I'll probably add some garlic and other seasonings as well, but it sounds like it'll be good.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Ate pizza for dinner today at friend's house warming party. Don't feel gross though because I skipped lunch for that very reason.

Back to working out monday.

I tried a pair of 16 regular Levi's on today, they were a little big... not buying new pants until the 14's fit though. Although I can fit into 14's at Old Navy (but they have vanity sizing, makes you feel really awesome when you shop there- I wear a large there).

Not bad, tomorrow I'll be awesome.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fat Maggie Part 2

So every blog needs some before and "in progress" photos. This weekend we were looking at albums of photographs and came across this gem. It was taken at a wedding that Justin stood up in down in Florida. Those were in fact the largest pair of pants I ever purchased. Size 28 Plus. To compare, I now wear a size 16 Regular (almost 14-hopefully soon, fingers crossed).

Start Weight: 275
Current Weight: 196
Goal Weight: 150

I think I'm going to put that photo on the fridge to remind myself how hard both Justin & I have worked to lose weight. I honestly don't really keep anything bad in the fridge anymore, but at least it will remind me to not eat more than I need to.

Photo above taken of Justin & I at a party last weekend.

The above photo I just took in my living room w/ the photobooth application on my computer.... which explains the poor quality & how hot I look w/ my work out clothes on.

So everyone has little areas of their body that drive them nuts. Mine is the tube of fat around my stomach... you know, the "muffin top". It drives me NUTS! I will feel much better when I lose some of that weight.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

So Full.

I haven't exercised in two days. False... I did pilates yesterday. I didn't exercise today & feel guilty about it. Tomorrow morning I'm doing cardio & that's that.

I've ate good though, so that counts for something.

I ate a fat free frozen burrito for breakfast (I have this thing against sweet breakfast usually)

low fat can of minestrone
sugar free pudding cup

a couple almonds

a little left over pumpkin/black bean casserole (
black bean burger w/ fat free cheese

sugar free/fat free ice cream w/ agave nectar, cinnamon & a slice of sugar free banana bread

Not bad really... could of done better, could of done worse. Tomorrow will be a good day.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Week 1 & I am back!

Week one of this "lose weight by February 14th" plan went well. I had a few obstacles I wanted to tackle.

Obstacle #1: Work out every day.

I managed to work out every single day before getting ready. Jillian Michaels kicked my butt really hard, I said a few bad words & sweat, A LOT. I feel really good about it & felt really good all week. I skipped Sunday because I felt like I could give myself one day break... plus I cleaned the apartment all day, which is somewhat of a work out in itself. Now when I put on my yoga pants, my sports bra & my gym shoes... my body psychologically feels ready to kick some butt.

Obstacle #2: Do not eat cake at birthday party on Saturday.

It was really hard, but I didn't cave and eat cake! I was very proud of myself. Oh how badly did I want to just put my face in that cake, but I didn't. I thought about how hard I spent working out all week & how a piece of cake would only be a few steps back when I had made some great progress. Before dinner there was a bowl of melted cheese dip on the table & tortilla chips... I even skipped out on that. I tried convincing myself to only have "one chip w/ dip" but I knew that once I had a taste of it's warm cheesy goodness, I'd want more. Instead, I took 3 tortilla chips and nibbled them slowly. When it came to dinner, I filled my plate once & that was that. Afterwards Justin & I picked up a cup of coffee as our "dessert". Splenda & half/half (I refuse to give up half/half in my coffee)

That brings me to Obstacle #3: Do NOT relapse on the weekend & get back into the groove on monday.

So we ate pretty good all weekend. I did work out Saturday before heading out to Indiana. I ate a little mini lunch at my parents on Saturday... nothing terrible for me. Sunday we ate a very small lunch in the morning (left over shepherd's pie from the Hungry Girl cookbook) and nothing else until dinner. We went out to dinner with Ben & Alex. This was dangerous, considering when we go out to eat with them, is usually when we cave. All four of us have a ridiculous love for food. We ended up going to mama thai & I got pad see ewe... which is a tasty noodle dish with tofu & broccolli. I'm sure it's not very good for you, but I could of done WAY worse that day. We all wanted dessert afterwards, which made me a little nervous. We decided to stop at Jewel where Ben bought a pumpkin pie, Alex bought a cherry pie and.... Justin & I bought *drum roll*... sugar free banana bread at 2 weight watcher points a piece. We topped it with fat free sugar free ice cream and half a banana. SUCCESS!

Today I'm doing well & I think I'll do some pilates. Come on fat... time to move out... 50 pounds of you.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Getting Back on Track!

I keep saying I'm going to get back on track, but I really mean it. I've started working out daily. It needs to become part of my everyday routine. I've also set a new goal for myself. I'm going to San Francisco in February for a little vacation & to photograph the photographer I work for. In return she's going to photograph me as well... I need to slim down a little more by then. I've only lost about 25 pounds this year... the year before, I lost a lot more because the wedding was my goal date. I had something to work for. Now, what do I have? Nothing. I also received a gift certificate from Anthropologie as a thank you for taking pictures of someone. I refuse to buy an XL. I'm going to use the gift certificate to buy an outfit for my photoshoot in February... and it won't be in an XL.

Today's food items....

- 2 cups of coffee w/ splenda coffee sweetener
- Kashi pumpkin granola bar
- black bean burger w/ 2 pieces low fat bread, mustard and fat free mayo