Monday, November 16, 2009

Week 1 & I am back!

Week one of this "lose weight by February 14th" plan went well. I had a few obstacles I wanted to tackle.

Obstacle #1: Work out every day.

I managed to work out every single day before getting ready. Jillian Michaels kicked my butt really hard, I said a few bad words & sweat, A LOT. I feel really good about it & felt really good all week. I skipped Sunday because I felt like I could give myself one day break... plus I cleaned the apartment all day, which is somewhat of a work out in itself. Now when I put on my yoga pants, my sports bra & my gym shoes... my body psychologically feels ready to kick some butt.

Obstacle #2: Do not eat cake at birthday party on Saturday.

It was really hard, but I didn't cave and eat cake! I was very proud of myself. Oh how badly did I want to just put my face in that cake, but I didn't. I thought about how hard I spent working out all week & how a piece of cake would only be a few steps back when I had made some great progress. Before dinner there was a bowl of melted cheese dip on the table & tortilla chips... I even skipped out on that. I tried convincing myself to only have "one chip w/ dip" but I knew that once I had a taste of it's warm cheesy goodness, I'd want more. Instead, I took 3 tortilla chips and nibbled them slowly. When it came to dinner, I filled my plate once & that was that. Afterwards Justin & I picked up a cup of coffee as our "dessert". Splenda & half/half (I refuse to give up half/half in my coffee)

That brings me to Obstacle #3: Do NOT relapse on the weekend & get back into the groove on monday.

So we ate pretty good all weekend. I did work out Saturday before heading out to Indiana. I ate a little mini lunch at my parents on Saturday... nothing terrible for me. Sunday we ate a very small lunch in the morning (left over shepherd's pie from the Hungry Girl cookbook) and nothing else until dinner. We went out to dinner with Ben & Alex. This was dangerous, considering when we go out to eat with them, is usually when we cave. All four of us have a ridiculous love for food. We ended up going to mama thai & I got pad see ewe... which is a tasty noodle dish with tofu & broccolli. I'm sure it's not very good for you, but I could of done WAY worse that day. We all wanted dessert afterwards, which made me a little nervous. We decided to stop at Jewel where Ben bought a pumpkin pie, Alex bought a cherry pie and.... Justin & I bought *drum roll*... sugar free banana bread at 2 weight watcher points a piece. We topped it with fat free sugar free ice cream and half a banana. SUCCESS!

Today I'm doing well & I think I'll do some pilates. Come on fat... time to move out... 50 pounds of you.

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Sandi said...


Good job on the cake...I didn't do quite so well!!

I thought you looked awesome on Sunday...can't imagine what 50 lbs more will do!!!