Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I've lost a total of 35 pounds, go me!

My new favorite things:

Bing Cherries- I paid $17.00 for 2 pounds of these last night on accident (I thought they were only going to be $7.00). They're my brand new favorite fruit. I'm obsessed with these little babies and they are delicious.

Stonyfield Farm fat free yogurt- I love these. I'm not a fan of most yogurt (Dannon-weight watchers- etc) but I love this yogurt. I'm obsessed with the Chocolate Underground flavor. I eat it with my next new favorite thing... and it tastes rich, indulgent and like Europe (seriously).

Kashi Cocoa Beach granola- I pair this up with the chocolate underground yogurt. It's a total of 6 weight watcher points (granola & yogurt together) but it's worth it if I have this for lunch...

Progresso Soups- HOLY CRAP 0 W.W. POINTS! (per serving- 2 servings a can)


Pacific Organic Red Pepper Tomato soup- I really like this a lot too. I buy the big 12 pack at Costco and keep a carton at work.