Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I've lost a total of 35 pounds, go me!

My new favorite things:

Bing Cherries- I paid $17.00 for 2 pounds of these last night on accident (I thought they were only going to be $7.00). They're my brand new favorite fruit. I'm obsessed with these little babies and they are delicious.

Stonyfield Farm fat free yogurt- I love these. I'm not a fan of most yogurt (Dannon-weight watchers- etc) but I love this yogurt. I'm obsessed with the Chocolate Underground flavor. I eat it with my next new favorite thing... and it tastes rich, indulgent and like Europe (seriously).

Kashi Cocoa Beach granola- I pair this up with the chocolate underground yogurt. It's a total of 6 weight watcher points (granola & yogurt together) but it's worth it if I have this for lunch...

Progresso Soups- HOLY CRAP 0 W.W. POINTS! (per serving- 2 servings a can)


Pacific Organic Red Pepper Tomato soup- I really like this a lot too. I buy the big 12 pack at Costco and keep a carton at work.

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Miss Isabelle said...

Congratulations Lady. You're smokin' I'm sure.
Can't wait to give you your super belated B-day present which has been sitting in our kitchen since we moved, and in our apartment kitchen before that...
I'm sad because I've gained 30 pounds back. So, my total of 50 is backed up to only 20. I'm inspired by you and Justin. You're both hot, but you always were!