Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

This year I think I ate the least amount of food I've ever eaten on Thanksgiving. I didn't even really plan to. I kind of wanted to give myself a free day, but once you've lost a significant amount of weight & do not eat as much food as you used to, your stomach kind of tells you when to stop. I ate my normal weight watchers bagel w/ weight watchers cream cheese for breakfast & I even got in some cardio this morning. I filled my plate once & didn't even manage to finish the 1 plate... I think Justin even ate less than I did. When it came down to dessert I must of put 3 slices of deliciousness on my plate & ended up only having a few bites of each of them. I do not feel overly full right now, I feel very content. I didn't eat dinner, just thanksgiving lunch. I know I ate WAY more than my points allowed, but it is thanksgiving & if you don't allow yourself a little here and there, you will end up caving on something far worse. I'm proud of myself for exercising this morning, I'm sure that will help my metabolism to break down all the calories I scarfed down & I am also proud that I didn't bring any leftovers home. Trust me, I would of loved to eat a giant plate of stuffing for breakfast.

Tomorrow I am back on track.

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