Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Getting Back on Track!

I keep saying I'm going to get back on track, but I really mean it. I've started working out daily. It needs to become part of my everyday routine. I've also set a new goal for myself. I'm going to San Francisco in February for a little vacation & to photograph the photographer I work for. In return she's going to photograph me as well... I need to slim down a little more by then. I've only lost about 25 pounds this year... the year before, I lost a lot more because the wedding was my goal date. I had something to work for. Now, what do I have? Nothing. I also received a gift certificate from Anthropologie as a thank you for taking pictures of someone. I refuse to buy an XL. I'm going to use the gift certificate to buy an outfit for my photoshoot in February... and it won't be in an XL.

Today's food items....

- 2 cups of coffee w/ splenda coffee sweetener
- Kashi pumpkin granola bar
- black bean burger w/ 2 pieces low fat bread, mustard and fat free mayo

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