Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Getting Easier.

About 5 days back in, and I'm a lot more used to this. I worked at the studio today. An absence of food usually makes it easier to eat less of it. Robin keeps a large jar of almonds in the cabinet that I often like to snack on when I get hungry. Today I ignored it. I did have some hot chocolate though. At least I picked the one with the least amount of weight watchers points- 3 points for the whole packet. I felt like it was worth the splurge.

Today's Grub.

50 Percent less fat cheddar sandwhich, I was in a hurry.

lunch was a small, very small, portion of shepherd's pie (boca, veggies & butternut squash)

I had two cups of coffee... one in the morning, the second was in the afternoon. This is where the hot cocoa came into play. I poured a whole packet in a cup of coffee. I felt like I was going to gnaw my fingers off if I didn't.

Dinner was 2 eggs, easy over covered in hot sauce... one piece of vegetarian chorizo & a make shift grilled cheese sandwich made with fat free bread and fat free cheddar. I made the grilled cheese w/ spray butter- the can't believe it's not butter stuff. Just a few spritz' to make sure the bread didn't stick. A dinner packed full of protein without actually eating meat.

Afterwards I ate Kashi GoLean w/ a little agave nectar & Better Than Butter, Peanut Butter (BEST STUFF EVER!- hardly any calories and I am ADDICTED to peanut butter). I usually try to eat yogurt as a late night snack, but I'm a little sick of it.

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