Wednesday, January 23, 2008

This is Hard...

Yesterday I did really good all day. I even tried (key word-"tried") to accomplish my goals. After I returned from my afternoon trip to Macy's, I bundled up and took Ruby out for a walk. About halfway through the walk, I slipped on the snow and almost cracked my head open. I realized that I was more comfortable living another day as a "fat chick" then dead, so Ruby and I made our way back into the warm house. Plus, I think Ruby was choking on some snow she sniffed up. I'll try again when it's not 10 degrees out.

I made out most of my shopping list, and hopefully I'll be getting to the store this weekend to pick up my healthy treats. I need to have an over abundance of healthy foods in the house, or I'll get really sick of eating the 3 healthy things we have and eat some cake or something.

This morning I made a mistake and ate a piece of carrot cake. I'm sick though, so I decided to let myself slide. I'll behave the rest of the day and eat my "yummy" lean cuisine for lunch. I hope I get over this cold because I have a very busy weekend ahead of me. (take the cousins shopping, photograph Olivia, meet with the future in-laws, meet with the wedding planner, Charlie's birthday party... etc.)

Today's Goal: Eat healthy for the rest of the day & get a good nights sleep.
Tomorrow's Goal: Put less sugar in my coffe.

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