Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanks Sandi! is awesome... easy to track everything & it's nice to see how much nutritional value I get out of my food.  I don't really eat very much meat, maybe once every 2 weeks or so & mostly in the form of fish, so it was really nice to see that I actually do get a good amount of protein in my diet.  I also noticed how many carbs I eat!  Everything I eat has such a high carb count.  Even though I probably eat more veggies & fruit than the average American, I still feel like I don't eat enough of them!  Here's today's chart, click to make it larger.

For lunch I made a yummy wrap with tofurky slices w/ cheese & jam- gross?  no, tasty.  Then roasted brussel sprouts for dinner w/ a baked potato (w/ a little Agave Nectar on it & cinnamon) and Boca Meat sloppy joes.

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