Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How I did it, on vacation.

I can't believe I lost weight on vacation. This NEVER happens for me!

I went to St. Louis with 5 other people for a weekend mini vacation. I knew it was going to take a lot of self discipline, but I was determined not to fail.

The most difficult thing on this vacation was staying away from alcohol. One of the things that I do w/ this group of people is drink. We go out to bars, drink lots of beer, have fun & laugh together. I knew that I could not drink any alcohol on this trip so I stuck to water & diet cokes. It's not fun when you're hanging out with a bunch of drunk people & you're not drunk. Luckily they were nice enough to bring beers back to the hotel, so at least I wasn't in a bar environment.

Eating was pretty easy. The first day we went to an Italian sandwich place. I really wanted a sandwich but instead I got a salad w/ salami & ham on it. At the BBQ place the next day I just didn't eat the bread & I got green beans and coleslaw as my side (I was so happy to see that the coleslaw was oil/vinegar based and not creamy). I skipped on all desserts besides for a bubbletea & a sugar free cheesecake at the casino. I even skipped on the appetizers that were deep fried. I also brought packets of almond butter with in my purse. When I would get hungry & couldn't just eat a bag of chips from the gas station, I would eat the almond butter like astronaut food. It did the job.

We also did a lot of things that required us to walk a lot. We went to the zoo and walked around all day & we also went to the St. Louis City Museum which is basically a giant jungle gym. We climbed through things, climbed up ladders & slid down slides. It was fun & I bet it burned some calories.

So, all in all the vacation was a success. I am currently 12 pounds down from a little over a week ago. It's going well.

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