Sunday, July 18, 2010

New Post!

Okay it's been forever. I've been having a lot of health problems lately which have caused me not to focus so much on my diet. Food makes me happy, so when I am sad, I eat. W/ the combination of stress, my diet & health problems... the very expensive antibiotics I've been on 3 times now, are not helping.

I know someone who is into holistic healing & she introduced me to an illness that I may have. All my symptoms match up. It's a little unreal. But it also makes complete sense.

So for a week now I've been following a very strict diet in order to balance the good & bad bacteria in my body. It's been going okay.

Things I can't have:

- SUGAR! This eliminates all carbs & even fruits w/ high sugar content like apples.
- Beans & Legumes cause they break down into sugar.
- Moldy fruits like melons & oranges.
- Potatoes, squash & corn.
- Dairy
- Alcohol
- Caffeine (which I am cheating on & allowing myself 1 small cup in the morning)

Things I can eat:
- Meats: Beef, Buffalo, Chicken & some fish (fatty fish like salmon)
- Green veggies!
- Sweeteners like Stevia & Agave Nectar because they are natural
- Walnuts & almonds
- Eggs
- Live culture yogurt, plain & not sweetened
- Herbal tea
- Alternative grains like quinoa
- onions, garlic, spices, olive oil & coconut oil
- Avocados (cause they help to break down sugar)

So example of what I might eat is as follows:

Breakfast- Yogurt w/ agave nectar, walnuts & cinnamon & small coffee.
Lunch- Fish & quinoa.
Dinner- Beef, onions, green beans w/ an over easy egg on top.

I also take a supplement called acidophilus which helps balance the bacteria in your system. I also drink A LOT of water. It's really hard eating out like this. I was at a wedding this weekend & luckily it was family style so I had beef, chicken & veggies. I was SO sad to pass on the bread, pasta, blue cheese in the salad & the root beer floats. I'm hoping this makes my body feel stronger & healthier. I feel a lot better only being a week into it. Another week & I should be able to introduce a few more things into my diet.

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