Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I am back down to 197 today. SO excited. It is the best feeling to see the number 1 staring back up at you.

It is so beautiful out & the weather has put me in the mood for apples. Not exactly the worst thing to be in the mood for. The problem is that I LOVE peanut butter & apples.

Today I ate:

Autumn Wheat cereal w/ light soy milk

2 pieces whole wheat bread
1 Veggie Chick'n Patty
fat free mayo
fat free cheese
apple sauce, about a tablespoon.
1/2 cup carrot soup

I'm going to eat an apple & then for dinner I am making a twist on Shepherds pie. It's basically Boca meat (which is vegetarian meat), frozen veggies & butternut squash puree layered in a casserole dish. I'm going to also put a little tahini sauce in it & probably some flax seed. It's soooooo yummy. The problem is that we want to eat the whole dish of it. It's so yummy.

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Sandi said...

Honeycrisp apples are almost here...another week maybe! Have you had them...simply the BEST!!!!