Thursday, January 13, 2011


I love Livestrong!

It makes me so happy when every single one of my days for the last 2 weeks has looked like this.

Here's an example of what I eat. Notice there's no breakfast. I woke up late because I worked really late, so I skipped that. I always allow myself a treat in the evening. It seems to be the ONLY thing that helps. I also do not include the cream I put in my coffee cause I will always allow fat free half & half and as many truvia packets as I need. I also only have one cup in the morning & then drink water for the rest of the day. If I'm wanting to munch on something really late into the night I drink caffeine free tea. It keeps my mouth busy. haha

I had a lot more carbs today then I usually do but I wanted to allow myself some so I wouldn't freak out.

Tonight's treat was a pudding cup w/ 1/2 a cup of fiber one cereal and 1/2 a banana. So tasty! I didn't include the pudding on my livestrong log because the total of calories for my Panera soup is actually incorrect on livestrong... it's 60 calories less on Panera's website.

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