Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Points System

For the past few days Justin and I have been keeping track of our food intake using the Weight Watchers points system. I remember doing weight watchers a few times in my life- once when I was about 13 & I actually lost a lot of weight doing it. The other time was with my Aunt Bev when I first started college and I didn't lose anything- probably because I was emotionally distraught and didn't have the will power to keep up with it. So far it's been easier with Justin at my side. We keep track of each others points and review them at the end of the day (to make sure neither of us is cheating). It requires a lot of trust because believe me, when you get to be this heavy and food becomes THAT important to your emotional well being (even though it really isn't) you will do anything (even if it means lying to your fiancee) to eat a donut. I've been completely honest with him about everything I eat. If I lie, I feel like I'm not being honest with myself. If I really don't have enough will power to keep myself from eating one stupid donut (that probably doesn't taste THAT good anyway-ecspecially if it's from dunkin' donuts) then why am I attempting to change my life? Eating that donut is only going to hurt myself in the end.

Today I ate:

Breakfast- I woke up at noon because of my long day of work the day before (no breakfast)
Lunch- Veggie Burger w/ my low fat mayo mix (low fat yogurt w/ dill & garlic) sandwich
Snack- Sugar Free Rice Pudding (my new favorite treat- it's only 1 point! and is DELICIOUS)
Snack- Coffee with fat free vanilla creamer
Snack- Broccolli
Dinner- Turkey, Brussel Sprouts & Roasted potatoes w/ garlic and rosemary
Dessert- Frozen Strawberry Bar (yum- 1 fantastic point)

I think we're going out to lunch tomorrow at work- we'll have to be on good watch.

BTW: I lost 5 pounds since 1 week and 1/2 ago when I last weighed myself. Sweet deal.

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