Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Who needs cake?

Today was great. I did so well. It's a lot easier to follow this life change when you have someone who is serious about it as well and can keep you on track. He knows what I eat and I know what he eats. We help eachother make decisions about what we're going to eat next. I guess it's kind of like a game. Every time I think about how bad I'd like to eat a piece of cake (which we had in the office today) I try to remind myself how badly I want to be healthy when we decide to have babies in the future. All of the overweight people I know (that have had children) have nothing but terrible experiences with their pregnancies. On the other side of that, all of the healthy people in my life (that have had children) have had fantastic healthy happy pregnancies. I'm not saying I want to have children now, but it is a good idea to start this "getting healthy" thing now, before it's too late.

I'm not losing weight for the wedding. It's a plus, but I think I'll be a beautiful bride no matter what. My grandma is obsessed with me losing weight because I'm going to be a "bride" and I can't be a "fat bride". It's really annoying. I have a lot of problems with how my grandmother feels about image. I'll post about that later.

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