Wednesday, August 26, 2009

One more for today!

I wanted to write a list of the food I ate today. Justin & I both attribute our weight loss to a giant list of things & one of those things is writing down what you eat every single day. It's easy to ignore the times you've cheated, if you don't have to confess them, even to yourself. So here's my list of food for today.

-Fiber One Cereal w/ light soy milk
-2 cups of coffee w/ Splenda coffee flavors & light soy milk

-Stuffed Cabbage Lean Cuisine
-1 tsp of "Better than peanut butter": THE BEST PEANUT BUTTER EVER! low in calories, fat & sodium! It's a miracle.

-1 buttered popcorn rice cake as a snack.

-1 turkey sandwhich w/ fat free cheddar, light mayo, mustard on whole wheat bread.
- Justin & I split a plate of fresh home grown tomato & green pepper slices.
-1 serving of the Trader Joes marinated fava beans (YUM!!!)
-1 sugar free rice pudding cup

Now, I'm finishing off the evening with a glass of red wine. Ravenswood Cab.

Not bad.

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