Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Unknown.

Today I did something that I've NEVER done before. I bought work out clothes. :-)

I'm not saying that I've never worked out. Of course I work out. I've never bought official work out clothes. I usually just put on my sexy pajama pants from 8th grade with kitty cats all over them. All of my pajamas are from 8th grade about about 4 sizes too big. I can pull all of them clear above my head. It's a hot look.

The point is, I want to start walking in the morning. I live in one of the most beautiful little towns... (excuse me, village. Oak Park is a village. Did you know that?) It is perfect for taking walks. We have lots of beautiful old houses (Frank Lloyd Wright's home & studio are in Oak Park). Eventually my goal is to jog, but I'll start slowly with walking.

So today at Old Navy I noticed that all of their work out clothing is on sale. I realized that instead of buying a cute sweater, I should probably invest my money into something that will have a positive outcome. So I bought a pair of yoga pants, walking pants, a cute zip up jacket & a orange/gray striped long sleeve shirt.

Another thing I have been thinking about a lot lately is how much I miss yoga. I haven't done yoga in SO long. I took some classes at Columbia & then I practiced it on my own afterwards. I still do it every now & then, but not on a regular basis. Oak Park has a zillion yoga studios. There's one right next door to my favorite coffee shop. I think this autumn I might swing in for a class and see if I like it.

If nothing else, it will be nice to meditate with a group again. I miss what it feels like to be in a room of many "OM's". The way you can feel the vibrations straight to your core. I love meditating and have been doing it for some time now. I had an amazing connection with one of my teachers at Columbia and after class was over we remained fantastic friends. She's an older woman with beautiful curly gray hair & a lifetime of amazing stories to tell. She invited me over for tea one afternoon, taught me to meditate & I haven't looked back. It is honestly the most amazing experience & I encourage everyone to try to meditate. It teaches you how to clear your mind & live in the now. Something we all need to learn to do more often.

What I ate today:

Fiber One cereal w/ light soy milk

Coffee, basically all day w/ splenda.

Lean Cuisine (only 4 points)
Sugar free rice pudding cup

Ate a couple almonds as a snack

Dinner at Panera: Half Asian Chicken Salad & Black Bean Soup ( ONLY 10 WW POINTS!- for reals.)

I think I ate under my points for today. That's crazy.

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